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How to cure a hangover fast?

If you have drunk heavily, you must know how to cure a hangover fast enough to resume your routine life. It would help if you hadn’t come to this point in the first place, but now that you have, here is what you can do to cure a hangover.

Drink water:

Heavy amounts of alcohol in the blood can cause excessive urination leading to dehydration and consequently severe thirst. To overcome this, have plenty of water before you go on with binge drinking, and afterward, gulp sufficient water before hitting the bed. It will keep the adverse effects in check.

Hydration supplements:

The trips to the bathroom can make you lose essential minerals, and you need to replenish them fast. Otherwise, it can cause nausea, vomiting result in more loss of electrolytes. Go for a sports drink, hydration supplement to overcome this shortage. It will be your hangover cure drink.

Eat a hearty meal:

Consuming alcohol in conjunction with a wholesome meal can facilitate you to prevent its aftereffects or get over it quickly. It’s a popular myth that oily food can help in this regard, but it is not valid. It would be best if you had complex carbs for this purpose, and thus, fruits and vegetables are more effective. The digestion process will aid the alcohol already in the body to break down quickly.

Ginger to ease your pain:

Ginger aids in digestion and also cure stomach pain. Drinking can make your stomach upset, and ginger can significantly assist you in that. You can make yourself a ginger tea or eat raw ginger or have it in a juice or smoothie. In any way, it will serve the purpose.

Hangover cure drink:

You can make one using different ingredients as long as it is rich in antioxidants and carbs. Let us share with you a few combos that you can try. A banana, coconut water, 2 tbsp. peanut butter and a scoop of protein powder. Another could be one frozen banana, 3/4th cup of Greek Yoghurt, a cup of frozen berries, and a tbsp. of nut butter.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C aids in rebuilding your glutathione level, which gets eroded after a boozing session. Glutathione is an antioxidant that our body gets from good sources of protein. The healthy levels of this antioxidant will help in fighting your holdover. So, clean and rich sources of vitamin C and proteins will be beneficial for you.


Ginseng has been a staple in traditional Chinese medicines for centuries now. It has many therapeutic properties, and out of these, one is related to curing side effects of alcohol. A brew containing ginseng extracts can mitigate the effects of drinking and help you get back your composure.


It is the most inexpensive and straightforward way of getting rid of alcohol traces from your system. Rest will restore your senses, although alcohol tends to disturb your sleep patterns as well. Yet, it is advisable that you try to catch sleep and maybe take a pain killer to help you sleep better.


We hope now you know how to cure a hangover fast. Several other ways can help you, but we have stuck to the simplest remedies for the job.