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How Hydration Affects Physical Performance?

When it comes to physical performance, both athletes and regular workers tend to underestimate the power of water. Nonetheless, water, the chemical that covers up to 60% of our bodies, is an essential component in exercise and daily activities.

This simple fact is one of the key reasons why do many top athletes and those who are looking to optimise performance choose to take supplements such as hydration tablets, rehydration powders and electrolyte drinks to help then maintain hydration.   

In this article, we will be developing the importance of hydration by providing five ways by which water helps our physical health:


  1. Water gives muscles energy: Though it is mainly the sugar and glucose that provide this energy, water helps the muscles to use this glucose. Electrolytes, a term used to refer to electrically charged minerals that are essential to body health, are also transported to the muscles by water. As a result, water maintains a balance of nutrients that keep us vigilant and ready-to-act.


  1. Water promotes agility and flexibility: The synovial fluid is responsible for lubricating our joints and ligaments to have a smooth exercise. Water helps build this fluid and supplies the body with vital elements such as sodium and potassium. If you are a weightlifter, your muscles must be facilitated enough to avoid the painful stress acting on them.


  1. Water controls calories in diet: It is no wonder that water-rich foods are suggested as dietary elements for their low-calorie count. Moreover, these meals are effective at maintaining good health by cutting down the extra fat. Since these foods take time to be assimilated into bodies, you wouldn’t be too hungry and, therefore, not consume calories. Teeth health is improved as well as these meals with fiber require excessive chewing.


  1. Water speeds up recovery and decreases pain: If you’re an athlete, it is likely for you to be injured on several occasions. However, drinking water will reduce such happening as muscles are made more robust with proper water intake. With an adequate water supply, toxins are removed quickly, resulting in low pain sensitivity.


  1. Water provides efficiency in exercise: Water transports heat throughout the body to maintain the body temperature to support energy usage. Without the proper temperature, metabolic reactions in the body would slow down, leading to inefficient exercise. Without enough energy, you are likely to feel dull and tired, even before you start your activities! Water also reduces inflammation and heat stress.


If you are an athlete, it can be tempting to get plump muscles and tiring to do all those straining exercises. Fortunately, as mentioned above, water can help reduce your stress by giving you an extra push, both emotionally and physically, so that you can get the body you always wanted!

It is recommended that an average person drinks 3 liters of water each day to lead a healthy life. The amount of water intake is important, but the time you drink water plays a significant role as well. For athletes especially, it is suggested that drinking water a few hours before exercise can help improve performance, and drinking after training will result in improved agility. Post-exercise drinking also replenishes the water lost as sweat.

Apart from physical health benefits, water is proved to help get clear and wrinkle-free skin and help keep organs functioning properly. It also plays a significant part in bowel health. Rehydration powders, tablets and pills are all great ways to ensure that you remain hydrated. When choosing a supplement always ensure that there is a high concentration of electrolytes. We prefer electrolyte powders and electrolyte drinks as these methods allow for the highest level of absorption into the blood stream