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How Does Hydration Effect Sleep

How does hydration provided by electrolyte drinks affect sleep?

Sleeping has to be the most critical activity apart from exercising and eating a balanced diet that includes electrolyte drinks, to lead a smooth and healthy lifestyle. There are many kinds of foods such as almonds and teas that help sleep better, but when it comes to water, there can be both complications and benefits. Many of us believe hydrating ourselves helps us  in growth and development, but we must understand the time we should do such. Yes, our bodies have specific time cycles, and adding unnecessary or excess hydration will disrupt the timeline causing problems. In this article, we will explore what exactly happens if you intake water before bed. Keep reading!

What are the benefits of having electrolyte drinks before bed?

Electrolyte drinks contain minerals with charge and have enough fluids and nutrients to sustain hydration in the human body. Now, how will these affect our sleep?

First of all, dehydration plays a vital role in determining your mood; low levels of fluids will cause you anxiety and depression. Therefore, fluids can help you feel satisfied, comfortable, and relaxed.

Secondly, this fluid acts as a natural cleanser that eases digestion and removes toxins from organs efficiently. Lukewarm water improves blood circulation, so more oxygen is transported where needed, and more waste products are removed out. If you sweat during the night, you lose water, so drinking before bed can be helpful. Don’t forget to add some vitamins such as oranges or limes to flavor your glass and get some crucial nutrients too!

Thirdly, our body temperature remains right if we get enough fluids before sleep. You might feel slightly hot at the initial stages of a nap as your body works on removing excess heat to keep you cool.   

What are the drawbacks of hydration before bed?

Drinking too much before bed makes you want to urinate in the middle of the night. This disruption can lower your quality of sleep. You might not even get back to it! As you can see, water can hamper resting and contribute to complications, caused by low-quality rest, such as dizziness, lack of attention, mood swings, etc. Sleep deprivation can lead to Nocturia, which again is a severe issue that makes our bodies produce too much urine. Fatigue, drowsiness are common side effects of too much fluid intake.   


The active of taking up fluids before bed is indeed valuable, but you should ensure that you aren’t doing it too much. Honestly, we encourage you to hydrate yourself during the day more often as it helps your digestive systems by allowing more time to work on your meals and supports your blood circulation. Hydration is especially important before meals and after exercise to replenish the water lost through sweat and respiration. Electrolyte drinks made from hydration powder packets are especially helpful as they help you recover from the lost electrolytes as well.

Water sure is needed in our bodies. So make sure to hydrate yourself properly in the proper time. We wish you a great health!