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Hangover Cure – How to treat a hangover the natural way

Even if a hangovers is inevitable, you may still try to prevent them by taking the right precautions and cure. Well, practically speaking, your best choice of action would have been to stop after that second glass of wine…but that was never really going to happen, right?

Nevertheless, once you are aware that you are going to get it—or even after one has already started—you've undoubtedly attempted a "hangover cure" since you're in a desperate state after all!

Several factors contribute to it, besides drinking too much liquor. Poor sleep and moderate dehydration, as well as the alcohol's breakdown products and the potential impact it has on your tummy and other organs, are all factors as to why crapulence create that awful feeling.

Effective Natural Hangover Cure without spending money

The best method to prevent crapulence is to consume whisky sparingly or not at all. However, it is possible to overindulge and subsequently have nausea, a headache, and weariness the next day. You can slow down and stay hydrated by using water to mix your drinks. However, you can try the following cures if you still experience it.

Consume enough water

Drinking water to rehydrate the body could help with symptoms. Because liquor is a stimulant, it causes a person to produce more urine. Fluid loss, as a result, can lead to electrolyte imbalances and dehydration. All these things can cause a crapulence. Drinking alcohol while staying hydrated may help lessen or prevent a headache.

Eat breakfast

Low blood sugar levels influence some aftereffects symptoms. By regulating blood sugar levels, breakfast can partially ease this discomfort.

Lactic acid levels rise because of alcohol metabolism. A crapulence may result due to a decline in blood sugar levels. Breakfast can aid in bringing blood sugar levels back to normal and may reduce some of the symptoms.

Consume Antioxidants

Liquor use results in oxidative stress, which prompts the body to create free radicals. Antioxidants might be helpful here. Heart disease and cancer cause oxidative stress. Compounds called antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals.

In addition, eating meals high in antioxidants may help people decrease the adverse implications of spirits consumption. You can start consuming grapes, berries, carrots, cherries, and pomegranates since they possess high antioxidants. 

Consuming tea or coffee

Another effective cure to implement is to consume tea or coffee. The stimulant effects of coffee or other caffeinated beverages may lessen the fatigue associated with aftereffects. The antioxidant content in green tea, black tea, and coffee may reduce the adverse effects of alcohol use.

Caffeine-containing beverages, however, are diuretics, which could exacerbate the impact of dehydration on the body. Because caffeine does not affect a person's blood level, consuming alcohol still carries health concerns.

Hangover Prevention Tips

Although no medication has been verified by science, people can avoid getting one. You can reduce the impact in several ways.

  • Eat food before consuming alcohol
  • Ensure you stay hydrated
  • Avoid congeners
  • Get adequate sleep and avoid anything that can cause stress
  • Drink in moderation


Currently, there is no known hangover cure. Home treatments, including taking antacids or anti-inflammatories, eating a healthy breakfast, staying hydrated, and consuming foods high in antioxidants, can all help people minimize most symptoms.