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Do I have chronic dehydration?

Dehydration is a common problem for many people, however, an easy solution as Revival rehydration products can solve this problem. Deficiency in water is not a serious problem if it is not consistent. Once it became chronic dehydration, extra care is needed as it is a real medical issue.

Chronic dehydration is when your body gets used to less water and fluids. This medical issue cannot be solved by just drinking any water or some liquids. It needs an electrolyte-rich liquid as Revival rehydration drinks.

Reasons for chronic dehydration

The main reason for low liquid amounts inside the body is simply not supplying the body with this required amount. Our bodies perform several processes that lead to loss of H2O as execration and digestion. We need to compensate for this loss by drinking adequate fluids. When we limit our liquid intake for long periods, this may lead to chronic dehydration.

Another reason is the climate. People who live in hot weather or must stay outdoors under the sun for long periods need more liquid intake. Their bodies will typically execrate water in form of sweating to regulate the body's temperature to suit this weather. Hence, if they don't provide their bodies with much H2O, this may lead to a deficiency of water in the long term.

Similarly, athletes and sporty people need much supply of fluids. Exercise, particularly more aggressive ones, leads to sweating and getting rid of more liquids. Thus, if the water supply is not monitored, this will also lead to the same problem.

Effects of chronic dehydration

The extreme deficiency of H2O can lead to some health issue as frequent headaches, dry skin, fatigue, and dizziness.

If not treated, it can escalate to other complications as muscle weakness and constipation. Serious cases may develop diseases as kidney stones and high blood pressure.

Thus, it is very important to solve this health condition once it develops.

Revival rehydration as a solution

The first cure to this case is by figuring out the reason. Once the main reason is identified, it should be eliminated as the first stage of the cure.

Next, the electrolyte balance should be restored. This can be done by drinking a hydration supplement rich in electrolytes and nutrients. Revival rehydration electrolyte powder drink is one of the best options to restore this balance.

Also, doctors will recommend drinking liquids over longer periods of time. Fewer amounts over long periods are better than drinking a full litre at once. A long-term plan with the needed amount of the hydration drink may be prescribed according to the case.

Another important step is to change the lifestyle that caused the illness. The patient should try a better diet and less exercise if required. Alternatively, athletes who cannot stop exercising may develop a routine with Revival rehydration products as part of this routine.  

Other advice includes decreasing alcohol and caffeine consumption. Also, keeping a record of liquid consumption is a good way to prevent this problem in the future.