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Are Energy Drinks Bad For You?

Energy drinks are the synthesized energy boosters that can enhance your metabolism for a short period of time because of the ingredients that are the part of these drinks. But are they actually safe for consumption. There is a controversial view attached to the use. If you are wondering why the consumption is controversial, let us give a brief look to the ingredients and the way they react to your body.


There are multiple ingredients that make up said prodcuts. Some of them vary depending upon the brand that you have chosen. However, a few ingredients are a must. These ingredients include sugar, caffeine, vitamins and taurine as the most prominent ones. The quantities of these ingredients in a single can might not be much dangerous but if you are addicted to these cans, then the chances are that you are taking more than the medically acceptable amount of caffeine and sugar, which can create problems.

Potential problems caused:

The ingredients of these might be part of some other products that you consume daily. However, the proportion and the overall addiction along with the impact that these are created for is quite damaging. Additionally, some of the herbs added in these have a particular caffeine content of their own, which increases the overall intake to a much higher level. You can expect the following problems to be associated with higher intake

  • High blood pressures
  • Feelings of nausea and vomiting
  • Chance of type 2 diabetes becomes higher
  • Stillbirths and miscarriages in pregnant women
  • Poor dental health
  • Higher obesity
  • A possibility of cardiac arrest is increased

Can you consume a single can a day?

Now the question is if these are very dangerous, why are they in the market and why haven’t they been banned yet. It is because a single can has the allowable amount of caffeine and sugar content. And the regularities cannot ban because of this reason.

Are they really dangerous?

Yes, they are. Because you are not only consuming a single can of these drinks in a day. When you like to remain active, you probably get a drink every few hours to boost your energy. Secondly, the intake of caffeine and sugar in the form of tea, coffee and other items of the meal result in an immensely high concentration of these ingredients in your body. Resulting in higher chances of the negative impacts, have been mentioned above. Furthermore, these become more dangerous when combined with alcohol. This is the practice, which most of the teenagers and young adults follow. It is the main reason for declaring as extremely dangerous for health.

You must avoid consuming them as much as you can. Because they might create a temporary boost but, in the long run the impact can be fatal. So, it is better to stay away from them.