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5 Signs That You Are Dehydrated

Symptoms and How to Prevent Dehydration

Could you possibly be dehydrated and wondering how to prevent dehydration? The loss of body fluids can trigger other symptoms or behavior to show them that their bodies need a water refill. Usually, our bodies lose fluid through natural processes such as breathing, sweating, urination, passing stool, among others.

But the loss can intensify when suffering from an ailment such as diarrhea, vomiting, and excessive sweating. Alcohol intoxication also causes the body to lose fluids by inducing frequent urination. As such, it’s always a good practice for men to drink 124 ounces/ 3.5 liters, while women should take at least 92 ounces/2.8 liters of fluid every day.

The Signs That You’re Dehydrated          

Sometimes we tend to ignore the signals that our bodies pass to us in various ways. With dehydration, not all symptoms and signs are not obvious. Take note of the following indicators to help you know how to prevent loss of fluids.

Dry skin

Most people often assume that sweaty people are often dehydrated, but the truth is that those with dry skins could be the ones dehydrated. If your skin remains flushed or very dry, you could be suffering dehydration.

Another symptom could be a “tented” skin that takes time to return to normal when pinched. Usually, a hydrated person will have soft, supple skin that’s flexible.

Bad breath

Saliva often bears antibacterial properties, and lack of it increases the activities of these micro-organisms, leading to  foul odour.

That’s why you’ll notice that people will have mouth odour immediately when they wake up. When sleeping, the production of saliva reduces, leading to increased bacteria and bad breath. So if you notice your gasp isn’t as fresh as it should, it’s time you rehydrate.

Sugary Food Cravings

Cravings for sweet foods could be another unusual symptom of dehydration. The liver relies on water to release stored glucose to the bloodstream. When there’s a shortage of water, your sugar levels tend to decrease, and you’ll find yourself craving sweets, cakes, and other sugary foods.

When such happens, instead of taking that load of sugar, take some electrolyte drink instead. It will quickly rehydrate the body, and you’ll notice the cravings going away suddenly.

Concentrated Urine Tinge         

Have you ever noticed that your urine tends to have a solid yellow tinge after a night of drinking alcohol? It’s because your body is dehydrated from alcohol. Any other cause of parchedness will also result in an overly dark urine tinge.

Rapid Breathing

The body fluids help in dissolving and transporting oxygen to all parts of the body. When dehydrated, the amount of oxygen transported also reduces, leading to your increased breathing rate to compensate for the shortage by gulping more air faster. 

Take note, though; gasping doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dehydrated. It could be a sign of infection. People with certain diseases such as lung blood clots, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), asthma, and anxiety attacks tend to experience rapid breathing.

How to Prevent Dehydration?

Daily water intake is one of the proven methods of staying hydrated. However, strictly applying this rule can be difficult as it also depends on variables like age, gender, underlying conditions, breastfeeding, or pregnancy. But you can also adopt other methods on how to prevent dehydration, such as taking electrolyte drinks.

If the taste of plain water doesn’t please your taste buds, you can opt for rehydration powder dissolved in water. These are oral rehydration salts with the right balance of electrolytes, which can quickly help the body regain the lost fluids.